MECANUS III – RC3 Indoor High Bright

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  • YEAR 2015
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MECANUS III - (RC3) Specification

Back Service

Back Service

MECANUS series is using magnetic modules for indoor and for outdoor.
It is possible to push to module out from the back and also get the module from the back.
Each module have a handle which is very convenient.
Once person is enough to service the display. No more screws needed.

Front Service

Front Service Tool

MECANUS can use a special tool for front service.
Pitch of P4.8 and higher are using a front service screw tool.
All smaller pitch can use a magnetic tool that can pull the led module out.
This also works for outdoor waterproof solutions.

Hanging Beam

Hanging Beam

Hanging bar is made of aluminum profile which is extremely strong and precise. The common problems you will not have compared to the steel plated bars. Also we have a special truss hook which makes the solution extremely nice with a locking system for the bars. You can install the screen directly on the bars without aligning it.

Stacking Beam

Stacking Bar

The hanging bar can be used also as a stacking bar. Made of aluminum profile which is very strong and precise with less tolerance compared to most material. Also stacking equipment can be delivered to final your solution.

White / Black SMD

White or Black SMD

White SMD can be more bright but with our technology we can make it happen that black smd (black face) can give much more contrast.

For small pitch outdoor the black face will look much better compared to white face. But it is not all the pitch that we can handle this.

Price of black face SMD is also more expensive. And please do not get confused by competition when they say black smd it might be black border and not black face smd. Black border is a standard SMD.


Power Triangle

Power Triangle

Power Triangle will give indication of the display if it has power with white light.

Optional is to get a more power indicator with error detection for:

weak power supplies, no signal, door is open, temperature is to high which will change the color of the triangle.


The MECANUS III is an INDOOR rental / fixed installation display with very high brightness.
It can be used for rental but most customers use this display for high brightness fixed installation.
It is made of diecast aluminum which have low tolerance, and the display is using the newest M.U.S technology.
With this technology we can achieve very high brightness for small pitch.
Because of the small pitch you need to use a die-cast cabinet.
So customers will mostly use this display on places where high brightness is needed for indoor fixed installation solution.
For customers that change the position many times of the screens. Since it is light weight and you can assemble it as you want.

The advantage of this product is the combination of the high brightness,diecast aluminum chassis, small pitch.
Which is the perfect combination for fixed installation where you need the high brightness.
It is mostly used in branding shops where the sun shines on it or exhibition places that is very bright.
Also if the display needs to be moved from place to place.
It has all the benefit of a rental screen using it for fixed installation.

Originally the MECANUS III does not exist. Since it is actually using all the specs of the MECANUS II outdoor except it is only for indoor use.
The pricing of MECANUS III is closely the same as the MECANUS II which also has the outdoor features.
But we found out that many customers buy the MECANUS II for fixed installation use where they need high brightness. That is the reason we made the MECANUS III because the heat dissepation will be a little bit less and more easy to fix.
Which fully suit in many solutions.

All the materials to make the MECANUS III is using the outdoor Material.
When you put it in front of a window where the sun will shine. It also needs to be ANTI UV. Which is the reason why we need implemented outdoor solutions leds.
So the pricing for the outdoor material of the led is much more expensive, the brightness must be high and customers wants to have a fine pitch.

We would recommend to buy the MECANUS II instead of MECANUS III if you use it for rental.
Becuase the pricing is much the same. The only difference is that MECANUS III can be more easy to fix the leds because it does not need the silicon between the leds to make it waterproof.
Mecanus III is a stripped MECANUS II product without silicon between the leds since it is only for indoor use.