Front Service Modules SMD


Front Service Modules SMD

FR2- Front Service Module

P4.8, P6, P8, P10

Easy installation for the modules only with 2 locks

TUFORCE Outdoor Fixed Installation

This series has modules that are fast and easy to change.

FR2 Outdoor Functions

Front & Rear Maintenance Possible


Used for Fixed Installation Outdoor
Use when no back service possible
Use for Easy Maintenance

  • P4.8, P6, P8, P10
  • Front back Service Modules
  • UV Proof
  • Waterproof
  • Dust Proof
  • No Ghost Effect
  • High Uniformity
  • Big Viewing Angle
  • Fireproof Materials
  • Fast Repair
  • Fast Install
  • Extremely Flat

Rocketsign P4.8 Outdoor Front Maintenance is spectacular. We also have P6, P8 and P10 using the same solution

FR series can be used when back or front maintenance is needed


Front or Back service Module
IP65 Front & IP54 Back

Mok KeithRocketsign
Check our new specification of the FR2 series. The P4.8 is the newest model in the serie of FR2.

Front Lock 1

Mechanical Front Lock
Strong and Stable
Attached to Back Lock

Front Lock 2

Mechanical Front Lock
Strong and Stable
Attached to Back Lock

Mechanic Closer

4 Mechanic Closers
Fixing the module

Back lock 1

Mechanical Back Lock
Strong and Stable
Attached to Front Lock

Back Lock 2

Mechanical Back Lock
Strong and Stable
Attached to Front Lock

Waterproof Gasget

4 Side Waterproof
Long Lifetime Silicon

TUFORCE II - (FR2) Specification



  • Use this kind of led display for outside solution where only front maintenance is possible.
  • Use it for where fast maintenance needs to be done
  • It is also possible to use it for back maintenance.
  • Make it your standard solution so you can use it for all kind of led outdoor solutions.
  • It is also possible that we sell the modules and that you assemble it by yourself since it is very easy .

Yes this led display product is made to be waterproof for many years and can replace all the traditional screw solution. It is front IP65 waterproof and was originally made for sport perimeter solution where the modules needed to be removed in a few seconds from the front or from the back also the flatness must be kept.

It is a very stable solution and it is using the small pitch technology of P4.8 which we are the first company with this kind of solution for this kind of pitch.


Yes, the led modules are made so it can be possible for service from the front or the back. It is extremely convenient also for back service, the classic outdoor display have many problems with the led modules on the corner of the display, which is extremely difficult to repair. This will reduce your work hours.

Extremely easy the modules are made with 2 locks. And it will seal the whole led module to be waterproof.
It takes 3 sec to open each lock so the led module can be changed in about 10 seconds.