FI1 SMD Indoor


SMD Classic Indoor

SMD Modules

P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P8

High Contrast Indoor


Customized front with magnets or back service

UNIFORCE I - Specification

FI1 Indoor Functions

Black SMD- High Contrast


Used for Fixed Installation Indoor
Use front or back service solution
Use for Easy Maintenance

  • P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P8
  • Magnetic Module Option
  • Black SMD
  • High Contrast
  • Dust Proof
  • No Ghost Effect
  • High Uniformity
  • High Brightness
  • Fireproof Materials

Rocketsign P4 is the most popular series for the SMD indoor. We Also have P5, P6, P7.62 and P8 solutions for indoor

FR series can be used when back or front maintenance is needed

FI1 Indoor

Matt Black SMD
High Contrast Display

Mok KeithRocketsign
The FI Serie is a classic SMD serie and was very popular a few years back. Now the FC series with 250x250mm modules are getting more popular

Black SMD Leds

High Contrast Module
Big Viewing Angle
Black Matt Leds

Inside Connectors

Inside Connectors
Serial Connection

PCB with Chips

Humidity Protected
Driving Chips on Back
Fireproof Materials

Magnetic Legs

Fast Maintenance
Easy Service

UNIFORCE I - Specification


This is the classic SMD indoor solutions. Which is used for many years by now, the modules have all different size. The reason is because some customers they have been using this kind of sizes for many years. This display is upgraded with the full black smd which give a very high contrast. It is getting less popular since it is competing the 250x250mm modules sizes ( METRUS) which gains more in functions and have the metric size.

We originally kept this led display series only for certain customers where they need a certain solution which is limited in size. The 250x250mm modules might not meed to size and the pitch the customer need. Because for some tenders you can not just change what you want. So the classic series will be the solution when it comes to delivering a solution according the tender.

Yes it is possible to change parts or sizes for this kind of product. Keep in mind that changing the size will probably have to open a new mould. Also the timing might be criticial if you need it fast.

It is also possible to change the size of the chassis. Just let us know, because this serie is extremely flexible towards requirements.

The sizes of the modules depends on the pitch of the leds. Since in the past every led display manufacturer only think to make the product as cheap as possible, so not to waste resources on the design and fully use the driving chips on the board. But nowadays the pricing dropped so hard that it does not matter much anymore. Ofcourse everyone might have their own idea about it.