FD2 Series DIP

FD2 Module

DIP High Brightness Module

FR2- Front Service Module

P4.8, P6, P8, P10

Easy installation for the modules only with 2 locks

TRIFORCE II Outdoor Fixed Installation

Customized back service series

TRIFORCE II Outdoor Functions

Strong and Stable

FD2 Outdoor

Used for Fixed Installation Outdoor
Use when no back service possible
Use for Easy Maintenance

  • P10, P12, P16, P20
  • Back Service Modules
  • UV Proof
  • Waterproof
  • Dust Proof
  • No Ghost Effect
  • High Uniformity
  • High Brightness
  • Fireproof Materials
  • Strong and Stable

Rocketsign P10 DIP is at the moment most common for the DIP Series. We also have P12, P16 and P20 which are used in specific solutions

FR series can be used when back or front maintenance is needed


Strong DIP Leds
High Brightness Solutions

Mok KeithRocketsign
DIP serie is a classic serie that used to be very popular. The SMD series are getting more and more popular.

DIP Leds

Strong Leds
Stable against weather
High Brightness

Inside Connectors

Inside Connectors
Serial Connection

PCB with Chips

Humidity Protected
Driving Chips on Back
Fireproof Materials

Waterproof Gasget

High Quality Silicon
Waterproof around the module

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DIP Led Technology was extremely popular a few years back. The technology use 3 separate color leds R,G,B which together they form a pixel. This product is extremely robust and can achieve very high brightness. So for places with heavy weather performance it could be very interested to use this kind of technology. Also the contrast is doing quiet well against the SMD technology for outdoor use. The smallest pitch for this technology we can do is P10 since most pitch that are smaller all goes to the SMD technology.


For outdoor led billboard this technology is still quiet common. Since it is high nobody can really see the display from close and with the advantage of the high brightness it is really a killer solution against SMD.

But if the display is getting more and more close to the public, the angle is getting worse which the SMD technology will be more used nowadays.

Displays that are installed on buildings or in a very hot or cold weather are also using the LED DIP solutions.

Yes we can fully customize this product, the chassis can easily be changed to custom size. The led modules you have to request for different sizes if you want, since we do have some alternative sizes. And if we do not have the right size we have to open a mould which is also possible.

Before the Led displays outdoor dip solutions. The pricing of the outdoor DIP was much cheaper compared to the SMD outdoor solutions. Nowadays if you calculate for each pixel the SMD price is getting more and more cheap which gives also a much bigger angle. In the future the SMD technology will be used much more and the DIP will go even more to the background. Only for specific solutions like very high billboards we will consult this solution. Also where the customer needs a lot of brightness or extremely stable solution.