Front Maintenance
Fixed Installation SMD - DIP
P4.8, P6, P8, P10, P16, P20
Using 240x240mm Module
Wire Free Diecast Rental Solutions
RS1 Indoor from P2.6 and Up.
RS2 Outdoor from P2.6 and Up.
Diecast Rental Solutions
RC1 Indoor from P2.6 and Up.
RC2 Outdoor from P2.6 and Up.
Fixed Installation 250x250mm Module FC1 Indoor from P2.6 and Up
FC2 Outdoor from P3.2 and Up

P2.6 World`s Finest Pitch OUTDOOR Led Display!

P2.6 World`s First Black SMD Outdoor Rental.
We are NR1 in small pitch OUTDOOR solutions.

Rental Solutions

NR1 Outdoor rental products
We achieve the highest quality
Easy, Fast Maintenance
Using the product indoor and outdoor

Fixed Installation

Our Fixed installation Series
Can be used in many new solutions
Easy maintenance
Highest Quality Achieved

Retail Products

All-In-One Products
Small Advertising Displays
Plug & Play
Fancy & Elegant Led Display


Cable Free Connection Fast Rental Indoor and Outdoor

Outdoor Pitch P2.6, P3.2, P3.9, P4.8, P6.25
Indoor Pitch P1.9, P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, P4.8

Power Triangle

Power Triangle

Power Triangle will give indication of the display if it has power with white light.

Optional is to get a more power indicator with error detection for:

weak power supplies, no signal, door is open, temperature is to high which will change the color of the triangle.

Front Service

Front Service Tool

MAXIMUS can use a special tool for front service.
Pitch of P4.8 and higher are using a front service screw tool.
All smaller pitch can use a magnetic tool that can pull the led module out.
This also works for outdoor waterproof solutions.

Stacking Beam

Stacking Bar

The hanging bar can be used also as a stacking bar. Made of aluminum profile which is very strong and precise with less tolerance compared to most material. Also stacking equipment can be delivered to final your solution.

Back Service

Back Service

MAXIMUS series is using magnetic modules for indoor and for outdoor.
It is possible to push to module out from the back and also get the module from the back.
Each module have a handle which is very convenient.
Once person is enough to service the display. No more screws needed.

Black SMD

Black SMD

White SMD can be more bright but with our technology we can make it happen that black smd (black face) can give much more contrast.

For small pitch outdoor the black face will look much better compared to white face. But it is not all the pitch that we can handle this.

Price of black face SMD is also more expensive. And please do not get confused by competition when they say black smd it might be black border and not black face smd. Black border is a standard SMD.


Hanging Beam

Hanging Beam

Hanging bar is made of aluminum profile which is extremely strong and precise. The common problems you will not have compared to the steel plated bars. Also we have a special truss hook which makes the solution extremely nice with a locking system for the bars. You can install the screen directly on the bars without aligning it.

Back Maintenance

Back Maintenance

The power supply and the receiving card can also be removed from the back.
A door can be opened and the power supply is attached with 4 screws with fast changing connectors.
Also the receiving card is easy to change with a few screws.

Front Maintenance

Front Maintenance

Once the led modules are removed with a tool. You can remove the front service plate. The power supply, hub and receiving card are also already connected to the plate.
This will give you brand new solutions. When you use the display as a fixed installation you can fully do front service without space on the back. Very convenient.

Module Protect

Module Protect

When you put the cabinet on the ground it lifts up the led modules to protect it. This will protect the display from being damaged.

Fast Pin Lock

Fast Lock

Fast Lock pins are added to the product. Which makes it possible to install the display just by one person.
The fast lock pins are a better alternative for modules since it is much more safe.
You can install the display just by yourself without help from others.
This will save you much time.

Wireless Connector

Wireless Connector

No more cables on the outside. It is possible to connect the power and signal between the cabinet with a special designed connector.
The cables are connected from the top or bottom of the hanging bar or stacking beam. It is also possible to connect with normal Nuetric or Reunion connectors.

Rental Display with EMC certificate.

P3.9 MECANUS II and MAXIMUS II can have black face SMD
Outdoor black SMD will improve the contrast with 5000CD brightness

Your NR1 small pitch outdoor solution partner.

The quality of our outdoor solution will impress you
Only supplier with BLACK SMD for outdoor for best contrast from P2.6 to 6.25

, we won`t stop to be the best in world`s outdoor small pitch solution.

The difficulty is to manage the flatness, viewing angle, contrast, anti uv, deformation and uniformity in outdoor screens. We got a patent for this technology.

HD Outdoor
2016 September

World`s NR1 and FIRST P2.6 Outdoor

A New revolution of HD outdoor was made by us.
We officially made world smallest Pitch P2.6 for outdoor use with 5000CD/m2 the Technology can be used for our Rental.

2015 September

World`s NR1 and FIRST P3.2 Outdoor

We officially made world smallest Pitch P3.2 for outdoor use with 5000CD/m2 the Technology can be used for our Rental and Fixed installation solution.

2014 November

World`s NR1 and FIRST P3.9 Outdoor

We officially made world smallest Pitch P3.9 for outdoor use with 6000CD/m2 the Technology can be used for our Rental and Fixed installation solution. UPDATE black face SMD option is possible for OUTDOOR

2013 Dec

World`s NR1 and FIRST P4.8 Outdoor

We officially made world smallest Pitch P4.8 for outdoor use with 6000CD/m2 the Technology can be used for our Rental and Fixed installation solution. We won an award for New Innovation Technology in China.

Your NR1 small pitch outdoor solution partner.


Our company make industrial professional led display products. We are in the field for more than 5 years and are extremely professional for the small pitch outdoor or HD outdoor led solutions.
We focus on Led Rental - Stage Displays and Fixed Installation solutions where you can install your display on many different kind of places.

Yes, we manufacture, design the products ourselves we, the reason why we can provide world`s smallest led pitch outdoor solutions is because we own all the technology, factory and doing everything by ourselves to accomplish this. Also the plastic is fully manufactured by ourselves which most competition outsource it. The reason why we have the smallest pitch for outdoor is because we also manufacture the plastic by ourselves which we can perfectly adjust the product to make it perfect.

Please contact us by We sell the product world wide, the product will be shipped from China. Let us know from what country you are from and we will give you also a free consult for your led display solution.

We are a professional manufacturer of Rental led screens and Fixed installation displays.
If you have a certain project please contact us.
What we will need from you to give you the perfect solution:
How will you use the led display?
Will you move the display or will it always be on a fixed location?
Is the led display used for indoor or outdoor?
Will the sun shines on that location? So do you need more brightness on the led screen?
What is the distance from the public and the led screen?
Is there space behind the led display for a person to do maintenance? If not you probably will need a front service screen solution.
What is the importance of using a camera on the display?
Any specific resolution you want to the screens?

HD Outdoor ready means that that this kind of series can use our small pitch outdoor led technology.
Small pitch outdoor start from P4.8 and smaller. Our smallest outdoor pitch at the moment is P3.2 which is world smallest outdoor waterproof technology. We also have P3.9 and P4.8 which are extremely popular since the competition is still far behind with this kind of technology. To achieve this pitch you also have to consider the heat dissipation, viewing angle, deforming mask of heat, UV leds, contrast and what is very important is uniformity and execution a perfect craftsmanship. Most competition do not understand these which will lead to very ugly led displays. We know since we got the experience and were also the first who invented to achieve this technology